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Tennant IP Ltd. - Intellectual Property Services




Intellectual property – what is it? Intellectual property is an often misunderstood area, but is one of the most important parts of your company’s assets. Your company name, brand names, logos, phrases, designs and inventions your company has created carry a high proportion of your company’s value. So being proactive and registering and protecting your trade marks, designs and patents can be the best business decision you can make.

Where is the real value in your company? Intellectual Property is an intangible asset that your company possesses, that has real value because it contains the fabric of your company’s reputation and goodwill. The only way to realise this value is to take action to protect these assets.

How we can help. Tennant IP is an experienced and professional Intellectual Property Services Company. Using our key assets of experience in both dealing with Intellectual Property and commercial knowledge and insight, we are determined to give our clients a personal, cost-effective and attentive service. Based at the home of the UK Intellectual Property Office in Newport, South Wales, we offer professional advice that enables our clients to specifically maximise the potential of their intellectual property rights.


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